Top 5 Dessert Spots in Waterloo, Ontario

Erin Schwartz, June 29 2021

When traveling to Waterloo or just looking for a something interesting to do with your friends on a day out, look no further than our top 5 picks for the best desserts in the area. We have chosen five different desserts and where you can find an incomparable experience with each! All of the locations provide you with a fun, vibrant experience with...

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Growing the Biz

Erin Schwartz, June 22 2021

Backpacker College had the opportunity to sit down with traveller and business woman, Bre, to tell her story on packing up her life and hitting the road to promote her and her husband's business! Bre has always been a big traveler, seeing 20 different countries! She grew up travelling with her family, often being pulled from school for weeks at a t...

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Active Travel

Erin Schwartz, June 4 2021

Backpacker College had the chance to connect with active traveller Cat and discuss some of her best adventures. From hiking the Great Wall of China to swimming with humpback whales on the Ningaloo, Cat has travelled to 15 different countries and has made an effort to plan mainly active adventure holidays.

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What to do in Montreal

Erin Murray, April 14 2021

Check our Backpacker College's top 8 things to do in Montreal! 1. Enjoy the mountains without leaving the city, Mount Royal is a small mountain that boasts of beautiful views of the city, great walks, cross-country skiing, and just enjoying the scenery. 2. From February to end of April enjoy the sugar shacks and get a taste of tradition with homema...

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Group Travel

Erin Murray, March 29 2021

Backpacker College had the opportunity to sit down on Zoom with cousins Ally and Brit as they recounted their journey to Indonesia and Vietnam! Ally and Brit have travelled fairly actively growing up but when they realized as students they have limited time off they knew they wanted to go on an adventure. After doing some research they stumbled u...

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Top 10 reasons to visit Greenland

Erin Murray, March 15 2021

1. See the UNESCO world heritage site, Illulissat Ice-fjord - it is the fattest, most active glacier in the world. 2. Experience the Northern Lights - you can spot this beautiful display of green, purple, and red on one of the 300 nights of clear sky that Greenland has in between October and April.

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10 things to do in Niagara Region

Erin Murray, March 4 2021

Niagara, OntarioNiagara is full of amazing adventures just waiting to be had! From the world renowned Falls to the wineries across the country side it is truly a beautiful place to visit. Backpacker College is here to provide you the top 10 things you NEED to try! 1. Obviously Niagara Falls - well you’ve definitely heard of the Falls, seeing them i...

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Manifesting your Dream Vacation

Erin Schwartz, March 2 2021

Backpacker College had the opportunity to talk to Joanna, podcast host and spiritual medium, all about the power of manifesting and making your dream trip into a reality! Joanna explained to us the power of manifesting your dream trip into reality, she uses the example of celebrating her 25th birthday in Hollywood. This was a trip Joanna had always...

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Exploring Jasper, Alberta

Erin Murray, February 24 2021

Jasper is the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies, sprawling over 11,000 square kilometers. Full of incredible views, majestic wildlife, and incredible beauty, Jasper is one place you don’t want to miss out on. There are many reasons to visit this national park but here are our top six things you have to check out!

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10 Reasons to Visit Antarctica

Erin Murray, February 11 2021

10 Reasons you should consider exploring Antarctica! 1. It is one of the last relatively untouched ecosystems on Earth -  making it remarkably pristine, full of incredible wildlife, and amazing scenery. 2. Wildlife - you can witness penguins, whales, and seals! 3. Adventure - the entire expedition to Antarctica is an adventure, with kayaking, hikin...

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